Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Zombie Attack

I know I'm not the only one who is watching the Walking Dead right now.  So far, the 2nd season is phenomenal.  Zombies are such a cultural phenomenon at the moment that I have zombie dreams.  Guess what?  I kick serious zombie butt.

C'est moi kicking arse in my awesome zombie t-shirt

Here's my top 10 fav zombie films and shows:

28 Days Later- Absolutely frightening- the people and the zombies!
Zombieland- Awesomely fun & screamtastic.  
Dawn of the Dead (2004)- This is the movie that got me into zombies.  And I love Sarah Polley.  
Night of the Living Dead (1968)- I still jump up and down during parts.  
The Dollhouse- this show gave me the most zombie nightmares.  I freaking loved it.  
The Walking Dead- I get so nervous while watching this show that I need a stiff drink to get through it.   
Shaun of the Dead- I laughed, I jumped up and down and yelled at the characters.  Good fun.  
Pet Cemetery- Not as good as the book, but still well done.  
Resident Evil: The Afterlife- Milla Jovovich kicks so much arse in this movie.  And it was surprisingly good.  I liked (but fell asleep during) the first Resident Evil.  This is the only other film I've seen out of the lot, but I highly recommend.  
Planet Terror- Rose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez equals awesomeness.  I really regret not seeing the Grindhouse movies (Planet Terror & Death Proof) back to back, because they were probably the best films to come out that year.  I'm a big fan of both and loved McGowan in this.  

Joe looking for zombies


  1. I am scaredy cat so won't be watching with you, but those tees kick butt. Please put that hatchet down....

  2. Hope, you look super cool in that zombie butt kicking shirt. :)

    I'm not much for gory films but I totally enjoyed Shaun of the Dead. Those two guys are hilarious together!! :D