Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Artist/Crafter Spotlight: Lucy Todd from Lunique Jewellery

Lucy from Lunique Jewellery is a talented artisan/crafter from the U.K. who creates and sells more than just jewelry on Etsy.  Here is Lucy in her own words:

I create jewellery, trinket boxes, cushions and Stamp Lamps. I also make other things for myself and my family, like models, handbags etc. but I've not tried selling any of those in my shop... yet!  Most often I am inspired by nature- the colours, textures and shapes all around us. I find inspiration in all sorts of places but I think it is usually when I'm outside in the garden or walking in the countryside.

Lately I've been concentrating on my trinket boxes and some new cushion designs. The two newest additions to my shop are my Hogwarts Trunk-


and my Union Jack cushion


I love reading the Harry Potter series and can't help but be inspired to create my own magical items! The cushion is a classic design in some of my favourite fabrics. I have too many fabrics (along with too many beads and buttons) and this sort of patchwork cushion is perfect to show them off!

Many thanks to Lucy to sharing her lovely new creations and inspirations.  BTW- I'm a huge Harry Potter fan too!  Don't forget to check out Lucy's Etsy Shop for her jewelry, lamps and more.  


  1. I love Lucy's shop! It's great to read about her inspiration for her fabulous items! I especially love that Union Jack cushion :)

  2. Awesome spotlight! I am a fan of Lucy's work.

  3. Oh and I'm a Harry Potter geek too. So you can imagine my delight at seeing that little 'trunket'. :oP