Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Very cool Space Invaders' site

Really enjoying this website I found today.
You can play space invaders, pick up tips, and get a short history lesson.  Highly recommended for those looking to burn a few minutes.  


Finally getting an image up of the shirt I hand-stamped.  I practiced mostly on clothing that had rips, stains, etc. using VersaCraft fabric ink stamp pads.  I was hoping to stamp over some of the stains and mask them with an image and was not successful.  After I heat-set the inked fabric, the stains (mostly olive oil from cooking) seemed to pop right out.
Another lesson- stamping on dark clothing is not recommended because it overwhelms the stamped image's color.  Yellow doesn't show up well on most colors, but works well on white.  Next time I'll try heat-setting on both sides of the image.
All-in-all I was pretty excited by the results.  The next day after removing the first batch from the dryer, I started on another.  Still stamping on postcards.  Going to list some artist trading cards that are original hand-stamped works by Joseph Von Stengel this week- just took some pics yesterday.  Keeping busy!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Diana Cozzens creations

This week I will be adding Diana Cozzens' fine leather jewelry to our Etsy store.  Diana is an Upstate NY painter and drawer who has also lived in Utah and Montreal.  Diana is also an awesome craftster and enjoys working with fabric and leather.  Currently she is studying yoga at Kripalu in Massachusetts- we miss you, Diana!  
Bigbadart feels blessed to add another great artist to its' mix.  Check her out on Etsy below: 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Back From Mardi Gras!

4 members of bigbadart just got back from Mardi Gras yesterday.  We had an absolutely fabulous time.  The people in New Orleans are wonderful, very friendly.  The Noma art museum was great- the Kathe Kollwitz exhibit there was amazing.  Really.  Unforgettable.
Today I can finally wash the clothes that were fabric stamped and I can't wait to list those as well- pics will be posted soon.
Tomorrow new pics of Etsy items will be taken.  Can't wait to put up some of Diana Cozzens' creations.  Beautiful leather jewelry and clothing.
Today I listed more work by Joseph Von Stengel and Alyssa Jackson.  Awesome!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

journals, necklaces, stamping- hmmm....

I love books- I can't imagine a time when staring into a computer screen could ever bring the same satisfaction as the act of turning a page.  The gentle whshhh of pages rubbing together, the dry feel of paper brushing against my fingertips.
Most of my writing done these days is on the keyboard, but if I'm spending some special alone time writing, a journal is a must.  Or for lists.  While leafing through some of my older journals, I'll find everything from short essays, poetry, recipes, and grocery lists.
This blue Space Invader's journal by Joseph Von Stengel is perfect for to-do lists or genius ideas.  Not only is it lined, but it's pocket-sized.  Great for spur of the moment inspiration.

The image below reveals another gorgeous piece of recycled jewelry by Alyssa.  I call it digging in the dark because there is something primitive and earthy about this piece.  

I'm ending the day with thoughts about stamping.  Kind of late for me, but I'm considering hauling some clothes downstairs that are waiting to get stamped.  Fabric stamping is SO much fun.  My new obsession.  I'll post some pics soon!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Welcome to Big Bad Art Collective!

Today we officially got the Etsy store up and running.  Our first two items were by different artists- Alyssa Jackson and Joseph Von Stengel.
Alyssa is a talented painter living in the Oneonta, NY area who has been recently been inspired by crafting with recycled objects.  We listed a pair of her stunning earrings today.
Joseph Von Stengel is a digital artist also living in Oneonta, NY.  Joseph's work is mainly influenced by pop culture and politics.  Check out his website: for a peek of his art.
Take a look at this rad necklace!