Thursday, February 4, 2010

journals, necklaces, stamping- hmmm....

I love books- I can't imagine a time when staring into a computer screen could ever bring the same satisfaction as the act of turning a page.  The gentle whshhh of pages rubbing together, the dry feel of paper brushing against my fingertips.
Most of my writing done these days is on the keyboard, but if I'm spending some special alone time writing, a journal is a must.  Or for lists.  While leafing through some of my older journals, I'll find everything from short essays, poetry, recipes, and grocery lists.
This blue Space Invader's journal by Joseph Von Stengel is perfect for to-do lists or genius ideas.  Not only is it lined, but it's pocket-sized.  Great for spur of the moment inspiration.

The image below reveals another gorgeous piece of recycled jewelry by Alyssa.  I call it digging in the dark because there is something primitive and earthy about this piece.  

I'm ending the day with thoughts about stamping.  Kind of late for me, but I'm considering hauling some clothes downstairs that are waiting to get stamped.  Fabric stamping is SO much fun.  My new obsession.  I'll post some pics soon!


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