Friday, August 20, 2010

Culturerecycling & the woes of summer

It's been a busy summer!  Most of the members of BBAC have been preparing for art festivals, gallery shows, weddings, and visiting family.  Not that we haven't been creating- but there has been little time to devote to the blog, list items on Etsy, tweet, flickr, facebook and whatnot.  I am desperately looking forward to the routine of getting things up and rolling again.
Right now, the biggest change for BBAC is Joseph Von Stengel devoting more time to his own Etsy shop, Culturerecycling.  The last couple of weeks, when he actually is at home, he's been creating some fresh new art.  Will be listed throughout September and October in this Etsy shop.

Below is a preview of his new series of work, 2089.  These digital photos, as well as the animals he manipulated for them, will be available this Fall.