Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Paper Things

Obviously we're fans of journals here at BBAC, but lately my obsession is creating cards for family and friends.  Our Etsy shop has lots of cool hand-stamped and eco-friendly cards and I love to stamp.  Yet, sometimes a more elegant card is called for.  Something truly unique which is closer to a miniature work of art.
A few weeks ago I attended Tara Hu's month long journal making class at the Mennonite Church in Oneonta, NY.  The last week she was kind enough to provide all of the materials to make cards- exotic hand-made paper from China and Japan, blank cards, calligraphy brushes and ink, stamps and ink, and newspaper.  In less than 2 hours I produced 5 cards that were professional looking and gift worthy.
I was very excited to send my hand-made cards out into the world.  Mixing collage with card making is a lot easier than I realized- as long as all of the materials are present.  Next time I'll incorporate watercolors into the mix.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Milk Pitcher & other stories

One would surely not be able to tell by reading this blog, but there has been a lot of activity from BBAC this month.  Stephanie Rozene's breathtaking ceramic work has been slowly added into our Etsy shop this past week. The colors in her pieces are utterly sumptuous and each piece thoughtfully original. 
Ms. Rozene has been spending the month in Paris researching royal french porcelain.  Upon her arrival, she will divide her time keeping busy in the studio and preparing for her wedding.
       With Stephanie's arrival comes Alyssa Jackson's departure.  We were very lucky to have her jewelry in her shop through Spring.  Alyssa's jewelry is very popular locally and can be purchased through her directly (just send us an email) or at the Green Earth and Shakedown Street, Oneonta, NY.
       Just one more note- Joseph Von Stengel's video work will be in the Soap Factory's Ten Second Film Festival on July 4th in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Check it out.