Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Finally getting an image up of the shirt I hand-stamped.  I practiced mostly on clothing that had rips, stains, etc. using VersaCraft fabric ink stamp pads.  I was hoping to stamp over some of the stains and mask them with an image and was not successful.  After I heat-set the inked fabric, the stains (mostly olive oil from cooking) seemed to pop right out.
Another lesson- stamping on dark clothing is not recommended because it overwhelms the stamped image's color.  Yellow doesn't show up well on most colors, but works well on white.  Next time I'll try heat-setting on both sides of the image.
All-in-all I was pretty excited by the results.  The next day after removing the first batch from the dryer, I started on another.  Still stamping on postcards.  Going to list some artist trading cards that are original hand-stamped works by Joseph Von Stengel this week- just took some pics yesterday.  Keeping busy!

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