Monday, October 11, 2010

Nostalgia and Cassettes

There's something beautiful about vinyl albums.  There is an audible warmth that CD's never had.  You could experience the cover art- it is a photograph in your hands.  And big.  Everything bigger is more precious, right?  The process is there too.  Open the stereo lid.  Carefully remove the record and lay it on the turntable.  Gently apply the needle.  Effort was involved.  Senses were engaged.
Cassettes are a different matter.  The era of boom boxes, the walkman, and mixed tapes.  Music is suddenly portable and easy to use.  Not that it ever took a rocket scientist to operate a record player, but it did require a certain amount of finesse.  Even the 8 track wasn't as easily transportable.  The walkman fits in your hand.  You can even jog and listen to music with one!
Every now and then I buy a cassette at a yard sale.  Where did all of my tapes go?  I found Blondie tucked into the buffet at Grandma's house this summer.  Anyway, my car has a cassette and CD player, so it they are still functional.  Although the sound drives me a little kooky after a while and I switch back to CD.
cassette tape #2 by Joseph Von Stengel
Can't tell you how much I regret giving away all of the mixed tapes that friends and ex-boyfriends gave me.  It recorded an era of time, a moment of who they were with me.  That's more important than sound quality.
cassette tape #3 by Joseph Von Stengel

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