Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DIY Gifting: Part 1, Making Cards with Recycled Materials

If you've read any of the former posts, you know that making cards has become one of my favorite hobbies over the past few months.  I consider myself a writer rather than an artist, although I love art, so this is a wonderful hands-on outlet for me.
I'm creating this tutorial just to give you a few ideas.  Usually I incorporate stamping into the process, but wasn't as inspired today as I've been doing a ton of stamping lately.

First on the list- get something to drink.  I can't get started without chai in the morning.

Then, set up your work area.  Think about what utensils you will need.  For this project I used: scrap paper, card stock, scissors, bone folder, vintage cards, x-acto blades (make sure it is sharp), ruler and cutting mat. 


My husband was nice enough to cut some card stock for me (he's more meticulous than I am).  I buy recycled card stock and envelopes.  You can also buy pre-folded cards.   
Next, look over the materials you have and choose things that catch your eye.  Last week I found some vintage cards at an antique shop that was having a mega-sale.  Cruise garage sales or flea markets- they often have paper that is very inexpensive for crafting.  

I cut out designs, words or pictures that I think would work well.  If I have everything pre-cut and ready to go, then I find it easier to decide what elements I'm going to bring together next.
I have a fondness for retro Christmas decorations and cards, but you may not.  Choose something that suits your style.

Choose your card.  I like to decide what color card I'm going to use before I start putting the pieces together, so I have an idea of what colors work together.  Fold your card (make sure you crease it several times) with the bone folder or back side of a butter knife, if your cards aren't pre-folded.

Place all of the images/text you want to use on the paper (pre-glued) to figure out placement.  Then, get your glue stick!  Be sure to cover back of paper completely.

One of the cards I created today.  For this card, I tore two of the piecesof paper to give the card a more textured look.  The paper with text was cut with scissors from a vintage Christmas card.

My kitty loves kneading and laying on the scrap paper bag.  Every time I get it out he declares it as his own:)

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