Thursday, October 21, 2010

Musings on Deep Space Explorations

What I've been up to?  Traversing the universe with a lonely Astronaut who might be losing his grip on reality.  

Recently I finished writing 2 poems to accompany Joe's Deep Space Exploration photo series.  This collaboration will eventually turn into a book and interactive art piece.  Right now I've been adding photographs from the series online for sale.  Really enjoying writing the descriptions for these pieces.  Maybe there's an astronaut lost in space inside my head.  

Dear John,
So many strange and wondrous things to see. Don't know if I'm becoming delusional, having flashbacks of going to the arcade, or if there really is an 8 Bit universe. Wish you could find me to write back. 
your brother,
the Astronaut

Dear Marie, 
I'm lost somewhere in the Galaga Universe. Be home as soon as possible. Miss you and Spot. 
your favorite Astronaut

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  1. Mars ain't the kind of place you raise a kid. In fact its cold as hell