Friday, September 3, 2010

Blackbird & Peacock

It's official- Blackbird and Peacock are now open for business!  A love of all things paper- journals, letters, pretty paper- helped spawn this new Etsy shop by husband and wife team, Hope and Joe Von Stengel.  The shop will have an eco-friendly edge, as many of the materials used will be recycled or created from recycled  and sustainable materials.
This new venture is a movement outside of the bigbadartcollective shop on Etsy, an opportunity to focus time and energy.  Right now Hope has been getting ready for the holidays by making cards for friends, as well as the shop.  Joe sold quite a few journals at the City of the Hills art festival in Oneonta, NY, so a little catching up and re-ordering supplies has kept us busy was well.
Take a look at our new store- a great place to browse for those with eclectic tastes!

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