Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rain, rain, rain & new inventory

The weather in Upstate, NY is always kooky, but the last couple of weeks the East Coast has been bombarded by two hurricanes.  Today the surrounding schools, colleges, and gov't offices were closed due to flooding.  I feel a tremendous amount of appreciation that our house has been undamaged and all of our friends and family are safe and sound.
                                                     8 Bit Ghost Halloween Cards 

It is said that April showers bring May flowers and the same is true in my Etsy shop.  The chilly weather has forced me indoors, so I've taken the opportunity to begin adding new inventory to Blackbird and Peacock.  After such a long brake, I'm pretty excited to start showing off the new cards and journals stamped with Joe's rad designs.  The ghost is my fav and I've been waiting for him to turn that into a stamp for over a year.  
                                                 8 Bit Ghost red moleskine journal

I'll be adding some more Halloween merchandise soon, but there were some other new designs we turned into stamps recently.  I had to make a few journals using them so I could show the designs off.  
                                           8 Bit Balloon Geek Birthday red moleskine journal

                                                      Retro Bicycle moleskine journal

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