Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fav Valentine's Day Picks

Let me say right away that Valentine's Day isn't a holiday I normally go out and celebrate with my honey.  You'll also never find me at the Rite Aid deliberating over which cheap candy and lame-butt card to pick out.
Instead, one year I made heart shaped tofu on rice for my family.  I'm not averse to giving and receiving chocolate on this day either (if it's really good chocolate).  However, my husband and I have a wedding anniversary around this time, so I'd rather just celebrate the love all month long.
Etsy most certainly isn't Rite Aid, however, and I think that even the biggest V-Day hater wouldn't snub their nose at any of these choices.
This little dish is really adorable.  Perfect for little love notes or a cupcake.

Big Love Dish w/ Two Birdies by Lean Dog Pottery

Now, my son would be so grossed out by this card because he thinks that quinoa looks like little worms.  I saw this card a few weeks ago and I LOVE it.  Super cute.

I Love You More than Quinoa Eco Friendly Mini Valentine Cards with Coin Envelopes by deepfried

I'm so inspired by all of the upcycled creations artists and crafters have been making.  I think we'll see more upcycling as time goes by.  I love cuffs!

Love Recycled Vinyl Cuff by Baking Vinyl