Thursday, December 16, 2010

Three Philosophers' Grilled Cheese

Cheese is my favorite food.  Without cheese, I could very easily be vegan.  Considering my lactose intolerance I probably should be.  I try to balance my daily intake of dairy via cheese with soy milk, olive oil spray, tofu spreads, avocado and such.
This grilled sandwich was inspired by my love of Welsh Rarebit and an already opened bottle of beer in the fridge.
Three Philosophers' Grilled Cheese

sliced onions
1/4 cup Three Philosophers' beer by Ommegang Brewery
whole wheat bread
olive oil spray
dried oregano
cheddar + swiss cheese

Saute onions (how much depends on you) in small saucepan with olive oil spray (or butter), slowly adding the beer.  Slice as much cheddar/swiss as desired and layer on whole wheat bread.  Spray pan and bread with olive oil (or again, use butter) and cook on medium heat.  I cover the saucepan so that the cheese thoroughly melts.  When cheese is melted and bread is gently toasted on both sides, open up sandwich to sprinkle on oregano and add onions.  Yum!

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