Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Almost Earth Day with Katkin Studios and Krug's Eco-Logic

Lately I've been astounded by all of the talent in the world that surrounds me!  Mother Earth has truly blessed her children with creativity and love.
I'm part of an all vegetarian and vegan team on Etsy called Etsyveg and the two shops I'm highlighting today are lovingly operated by my Etsyveg teammates.  I chose Kat's gorgeous paintings because many of them are inspired by nature and they reflect my earth mamma sensibilities.  As for Erin's shop, I've been meaning to buy her beer soap for quite some time:)  Her products are eco-friendly and vegan.
Moonlight by Katkin Studios

                                                                            Birth by Katkin Studios

Sun Waves by Katkin Studios

Men's Skincare Gift Set by Krug's Eco-Logic

Beer and Cedarwood Natural Soap by Krug's Eco-Logic
Please don't forget to comment and give them lots of love!  Thanks for the inspiration, ladies and Happy Earth Day every day.

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  1. Hey! I just found this lovely mention! Thank you so much.
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