Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blog Giveaway Winner & New Stamps

The blog giveaway winner has been chosen!  Ironically, the random number generator picked "7".  I'm looking forward to sending out a heart journal & newly created postcard to Heather.
Not only was a winner chosen today, but the new stamps came in.  Boombox, stag, cityscape, headphones, and retro camera are mostly new designs, but Joe created the headphones quite a few years ago- one of my faves.  So excited to get some new designs to work with!
I was feeling a little creatively stifled by the lack of our current variety and Joe must have been too, because as soon as Soren went to bed we started busting out some new journals.  I'll try to post some pics by Friday.  Looking forward to listing them too- I think everyone will love them.


  1. Sounds cool! I'll look forward to loving them :-)

  2. Thanks for your comment on my Blog :) I'll keep visiting

  3. Thank you!! I love my postcard & moleskine!! Always wanted one & now I know exactly why I wanted one. They are sooo handy & so cute!

  4. Great idea with the blog comment give-away. Looking forward to seeing your pics.