Thursday, May 27, 2010

Zombies Zombies Zombies

Romero's Night of the Living (1968) is the first zombie movie I recall watching.  A huge fan of more modern horror movies as a teenager, I don't remember thinking this classic was scary or entertaining.  Not until Dawn of the Dead came out in 2004 was I bit by the zombie bug.  A great film- never saw the original, but this one had me jumping up and down on the edge of the couch.
Quite a few memorable zombie films have come out that have stood out in the horror genre in the last 10 years: Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days Later (somewhat zombie-esque), I Am Legend (am I the only one who likes this movie?) and Resident Evil (I fell asleep during this one, but liked what I saw).  Rediscovering Sega's Zombies Ate My Neighbors and the very fun Bag O' Zombies Glow in the Dark made us recognize something a few years ago- zombies are IT.
Swept up by the zombie craze, Joe started taking pics of zombie figures and designed an 8-Bit zombie stamp.  Being a fan of stamping, I've utilized his stamp to create unique journals, cards, and post cards.  Zombies have survived the decade and are still going strong- looks like they are here to stay.  There are some really cool zombie related items on Etsy, but this one is my fav so far:  It's a really great print of a zombie-inspired painting:

Here is a moleskine journal that Joe stamped, which is listed on Etsy.  So much fun!

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  1. AWESOME! He looks kinda like a digital zombie. I love it!