Tuesday, March 30, 2010

40th Anniversary of Earth Day coming soon!

Spring has sprung and Earth Day is nearly upon us.  I was cruising the internet earlier today and discovered that Earth Hour 2010 (basically, on March 27th the world takes an hour to turn off their lights and promote saving energy) has come and gone.  If I watched television, perhaps I would have known...
This year I'm able to participate by starting my very own garden.  Extremely excited.  My husband is talking about composting.
Since Earth Day started 40 years ago, it has gained considerable momentum, considering the ecological concerns everyone is faced with today.  Earth Day comes to us with a dual-purpose- to celebrate the Earth and the bounty it provides, while becoming more aware of what we can do to help preserve her for future generations.
The last couple of days I've been scouring the internet on everything Earth Day- especially in connection with the arts.  I found this pretty hip looking gallery in Chicago and thought it a worthy mention.  http://earthday.net/artsfortheearth/jordan.html  Check it out!

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